Jayeda Khatun: An inspiration for all Nepali women

Introducing Jayeda Khatun, is a Nepali social worker, activist, writer and a great personality who belongs originally from Arghakhanchi,Nepal. In today’s world, one of the most difficult task is to eradicate the prevailing social evils and problems from Nepali societies and to transform our existing Nepal into New Nepal . Did you think about who makes these efforts to change Nepal even without being benefited and working for 24 hours?

Yes, activists like Jayeda Khatun help developing countries like Nepal  to build a better identity for the people living here. Activist Jayeda always claimed that she isn’t doing any praiseworthy works till now , but her efforts and works never makes you believe that.

So we talk about Jayeda’s wiki, biography, real name, age, family, works and more. But first, let’s take a look at her quick bio and facts.

Jayeda Khatun’s Biography

Full Name Jayeda Khatun
Father’s Name Sakur Mohammad Miya
Mother’s Name Rojan Miya
Nationality Nepali
Birthplace Arghakhanchi,Nepal
Religious Education Urdu, Arabic Language from Madarsa
Schooling Chandra Secondary School ,Arghakhanchi
Education BBS and sociology
College Siddharth Gautam Buddha Campus, Butwal

Jayeda was Born in a middle class but from a gentle family. On investigating about her studies, we found that she is a topper at student .From her childhood, she had an extra attraction towards studies  and participating in voluntary and social works that made her feel happy. Her motivation and wills towards helping others can be seen from the fact that While she was at class 9, she had given an exam of a sightless student of SLC and passed in 2nd division. Even, this work played a great role to make her engage in such works which actually has no profit but makes her feel happy. she loves to know what wrong is happening today and what improvements are seen with the efforts. She wanted to send these news to the public and later found social media as the best platform to deleiver them such news.

That’s how her intention for working as a social worker and an activist was built. But her family never stood in front of her as a barrier, and they always used to support her.

After completing her primary education, she joined Siddharth Gautam Buddha Campus to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and sociology.

Source of inspiration Mother
Personality “Simple Living, High Thinking”
Present Works

– As an Activist,she has been tweeting and posting the wrong happenings in nepali societies and raising awareness among people and against social evils and problems such as poverty, corruption, rapes and on other issues through social media. More importantly, She takes direct action if something goes wrong in Nepali societies whether the matter is small or not. She presents her posts beautifully and happily when something happens good in Nepal as like development of railways in Nepal.  During the Covid-19 times, she has taught people ways to be safe from Corona and alerted them to be safe from such pandemics as their own responsibility.

-As a writer, she has written many books till 2020, Her book contents are based on education, social problems and evils as well as on facts of religions. Note: Her articles are published in national magazine like Kantipur, Setopati and Rastriya Maddhyanha daily newspaper. More than 100 articles has been written by Jayeda till now. She has presented her views on religion’s values and what aspects aren’t being given priority by the government on the books written by her that includes History of Islam, Cow’s protection and our responsibility and so on. She has briefly illustrated the misconceptions regarding menstruation, breastfeeding and on many other topics that must be discussed in this present world on her book(Relation of breastfeeding, menstruation). 

Written Books

*History of Islam(इस्लाम को इतिहास),

*राष्ट्र प्रेम, राष्ट्रिय पशु, गाईको संरक्षण र हाम्रो कर्तव्य(Nation love, National Animal, Cow’s protection and our responsibility)

*दुधको सम्बन्ध(Relation of breastfeeding)

*महिनावारी (Menstruation)


*मानिस सामाज अनुसार चल्नुपर्छ तर समाजको सोंच अनुसार ढल्नु हुदैन।

*”आॅखाहरू त देख्नका लागि हुन्, हेराइ त मनबाट हुनु पर्छ”
आॅखाले आकर्षक चीज रोज्छ, मनले सुन्दर ।

*कुनै मानिस कङ्क्रिट जङ्गलमा उपलब्ध हुने विषाक्त माकुरा जस्तै हुन्छन् जो जाल बुन्न र विष फैलाउन अत्यन्तै सिपालु हुन्छन् ।
Aim Her aim has always been to create gender equality, end social problems and evils existing till now in Nepal and foster the development activities in Nepal.
Obstacles in Life
Talking about the obstacles in her life, she faced difficulties to continue her higher education due to financial problem but as said earlier, her parents supported her anyway.
Awards She has been doing her best to bring changes in Nepali societies but our sources tells that she hasn’t been honored for her dedication, hard work, beneficial and praiseworthy works with any awards.

Jayeda Khatun’s Real Name

Jayeda Khatun’s real name is absolutely Jayeda Khatun but she prefers to choose “Jayeda Khatoon” as her real name in social media like Facebook.

Jayeda Khatun’s Age

Birth Date Oct. 2, 1998
Birth Year 1998
Age in 2020 22
Zodiac Sign Will Update

No doubt, she is still quite young and charming. Although she is young, to be honest, there isn’t any much actual personal data about Jayeda Khatun.

But some sources predict that she was born in 1998, suggesting that by 2020, Jayeda is 22 years old. In the small period of her life, she already got some sort of success.

Relationship Status

Martial Status Not Married
Relationship Status Single
Boyfriend None
Profession Will Update

Jayeda Khatun(زاہدہ بانو)

जीवन सोंच्न लायकको विषय होइन, भोग्न लायकको विषय हो ।

Social Media Appearance of Jayeda Khatun 

As a social media content creator and recognized personality, she is available in only one major Social Media platform i.e. Facebook as 95% of users in Nepal are using Facebook as the major used social media  . She uses Facebook rather than any other social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter and so on in order to share the current news to the maximum public as possible.  

Facebook: She has created a Facebook ID long time ago where she uses it mainly to share the news on social and political issues. Till now, she is continuously uploading true and alerting contents  As a result, now she has more than 1.5K followers. However, recently she has created a Facebook Page named “Jayeda Khatun” on 30th October,2020.

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Book: History of Islam (By Jayeda Khatun)
Book: Nation love, National Animal, Cow's protection and our responsibility(By Jayeda Khatun)
She has even worked as a reporter in online media.
Book: Relation of breastfeeding(By Jayeda Khatun)
Book: Menstruation (By Jayeda Khatun)

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  1. Atahar jamil nadwi

    Really, she is a great and famous writer, social activist, journalist. she is a great Muslim youth icon. she is so kind and an honest person. she is excellence at English,Nepali as well urdu writing. she is so active on social media through her beautiful and inspirational writing.
    I hope for her bright and shining future in the field of journalism and education.

    1. Thank you so much for your positive view towards me..will be pleasure to have suggestion, support and Dua’s from you always

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    She is very tallent&unique
    May Allah subhanahu watala gives her more courage to continue her work.

  3. She is a very intellectual girl ever know..She has a kind heart and helping hands. She has ability to change our society beautifully. Her great thoughts presents that she is really a unique person. She has knowledge of religion, rituals and believe as well politics and about business too. She has wordly education in different faculties. So I can say, She is the most educated girl in her society.

  4. You are such an intelligent person i ever know. The way of your writing is unique and informative…I wish for more success in upcoming life friend.

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